Pranay Arya

Pranay has always been an entrepreneur at heart, always looking for fresh and stimulating business opportunities. He feels that Coworking industry has a lot of potential and aspires to elevate the concept of Co-Working and help it reach new heights. He is an Alumnus of La Martiniere and has Majored in Finance & Economics at Babson College, USA. He has been actively involved in the real estate sector and is also a technical analyst in the equity markets. During his free time he enjoys playing tennis and listening to music.
He is most passionate about creating and unlocking value. With this venture his aim would be to achieve both, ie, creating value for the customers and unlocking the value of the real estate.
He quotes, ”I am extremely excited about this space and about the idea that people from different sectors and industries can all come together to work collaboratively and individually at the same time and place. The idea of being instrumental to these synergies is exhilarating. These collaborations are capable of forming the next generation of Zuckerbergs, Bezos and Musks.”

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