Who We Are

My Cube is a co working space, where we provide professionals the flexibility and the freedom they need for a stimulating work environment. My Cube provides plug and play offices, where you can start working right from the get-go, without having to deal with cumbersome long term leases, furnishing costs, and maintenance. My Cube is for anyone from a blogger, fashion designer, a restaurateur or a group of individuals who need to bounce their ideas off each other. It gives them an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds under one roof and work independently together. It is where the journey of a start up to a unicorn begins.
Born into a family that has been into agro-chemicals manufacturing for the past 50 years, business was always the buzzword since childhood. Having completed a degree in Management from The University of Warwick,
Pranay has always been an entrepreneur at heart, always looking for fresh and stimulating business opportunities. He feels that Coworking industry has a lot of potential and aspires to elevate the concept of Co-Working and help it reach new heights. He is an Alumnus of La Martiniere and has Majored in Finance & Economics at Babson College, USA.

Why Us

At My Cube, we believe that you can always perform better. We have all the workspace essentials and more to keep your team and you happy.


Anuj Chambers, 1st Floor, 24 Park Street, Kolkata-700 016


+91 98309 65279 / +91 98300 66338


info@mycube.co.in / parkstreet@mycube.co.in

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