What is the location of My Cube?

Anuj Chambers is at 24 Park Street, right in the heart of all the action. It is the most premium commercial locale in Kolkata, surrounded by large MNCs and international cafes and restaurants. It is also easily accessible by all modes of public transport.

Is there any parking space?

Yes. Widely available.

Is there any space to meet Clients inside?

You can always book a Discussion Cube for as long and as often as you want. For larger meetings of 10-12 people you can also book our Conference room.

Can others work from my location?

No. Each membership is only valid for 1 person. All others will have to be entertained only in the Discussion Cube and Private Cube.

Is there any personal storage?

Yes. We have a full storage facility which you can avail at concessional prices.

Is there any after hour access?

Not really. Maybe under an emergency and when using the space post opening hours is indispensable. An extra charge may occur.

Is there any space for Meetings & conferences?

Yes. We have an Event Cube with a capacity of around 50 individuals. Workshops and events need to be prebooked to ensure availability.

Is Membership Transferable?

Once you have booked a space at My Cube you become an automatic member. Each member can pay by the hour, so there should be no reason to transfer membership.

How do I cancel membership?

You pay for what you use and there are no extra monthly/yearly membership fees. So there is no need to cancel a membership.

Will you be holding regular Networking events?

Yes. Once we have considerable amount of cube users, we shall. We would also hold seminars by legal advisors, CA’s, CFA’s, etc.

Are there quiet areas to work in?

There is a Private Cube that can be booked for those looking for a quiet space.

Can I use My Cube address as my office Address?

Yes. If you take the membership for minimum 6 months then you can use the My Cube address for all forms of communication. We will only charge a small fee for mail handling.

What does booking a My Cube space include?

The facilities to be availed on booking a space with My Cube depeds on the period of your booking and the number of people the booking is being plaed for. An hour’s booking is a basic booking where you can use a dedicated desk and anything else will be charged as an acillary. Moving down the booking stream, the facilities such as lockers, receptionist, beverages will be included depending on the periodicy. Discounts for group bookings and an entire team will be available at negotiable rates.

What documents do I need to sign up?

You will need to carry an ID card signing up. Your ID shall act as the membership Card as well.

Will I need to show my ID card to get access to the space?

Yes. The ID that you used to get membership will act as your membership card.

How long do I need to sign up for?

You can sign up for an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year.

Do I need a deposit to join?

It depends on the terms of usage, usually if you are working on an hourly basis then deposit is not required, a deposit will be required for longer term memberships.

Do you provide phones?

No. We do not provide phones.

Do you office virtual office services?

We do have a discussion room equipped with a projector and high speed internet.

Will I still be charged for an hour if I work less than 60 minutes?

Yes. You will be charged for the time you have signed up for whether you use it or not.

What amenities or facilities are available in the conference room?

10 seater Conference table, 10 chairs, projector, screen and wifi is available in the Discussion Cube.

Can I buy beverages?

We have a range of beverages available. Take your pick.

Can I bring outside Food & Beverages?

Yes. But any spillage that may damage property is chargeable. Also we have the pantry area where you can eat. This is all a part of your membership!

Is Smoking Permitted?

Not within the space.

Can I bring Alcohol?


If I book multiple seats or a meeting room from my account, do all of my guests need to produce an ID?

For multiple Bookings we recommend you book the Discussion Cube so you get a secluded area for your team. Also, we recommend each visitor getting their own ID.

Can I book a seat or room on behalf of others?

We recommend that each person books a space on their own.

If I cancel a package after booking it, will I get a refund?

There are no refunds.

Are card payments available?


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