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Everyone hates Monday mornings! At My Cube we aim to make your Monday mornings better by providing a co-working space in the heart of Kolkata, where you can work as per your convenience. We provide a space to young and dynamic first generation entrepreneurs who want to break free from the conventional stream and make a name for themselves and what they stand for. Whether you are a blogger, a fashion designer, a restaurateur or a group of individuals who need to bounce their ideas off each other. A hub of innovation and creativity, we provide a fluid office space with all its facilities. A platform for you to interact with people from all walks of life and to work individually together


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My Cube is designed to be FLUID, to be inspiring, to be convenient, to make you love what you do! More often, the working environment gets very formal and rigid. Breathe free in your own space define your spirit and your passion. With one simple, flexible option you don’t have to worry about bills, leases, hidden fees, or the annoying logistics of managing your own office space.


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